iDESIGN Services

Website Technology

  • Logo Design
  • Header Design
  • Web Site Layout in CSS / HTML
  • Image Selection
  • Website Design
  • Animation and Design
  • Multimedia (Video/Audio files)

Internet Services

  • Structural Backbone Development
  • Database Development
  • Listings/Inventory/Customer
  • Secure Admin Login for administering Database
  • Contact and multipage user input
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Forum/Bulletin Board System
  • Online Market Place
  • Product Showcase
  • Business/Service Directory
  • Photo Gallery
  • Internet Marketing
  • Hosting and server setup
  • Domain Name Purchasing

The benefits of working with iDESIGN

  • The members of our team possess a broad range of experience and expertise, so every phase of your project is monitored and implemented to ensure the highest-quality result.
  • Our creative and technical team members are immediately involved in your brainstorming sessions, enabling us to understand your goals and strategies to give you the best possible solution.
  • We use a project management process that actively involves our clients during the duration of the project and employ cost-effective approaches that are sensitive to budget concerns.
For many businesses, your website is the main line of communication between your customers and your company. Even if you do not conduct all of your business through your website, it may be just what the customer needs to see to choose you over a competitor.